Pest control

At Valley Environmental we provide you with the highest quality pest control experience available. We don’t wait for you to have pest problems, we thoroughly inspect your property identifying current and potential pest threats. We then document these issues and take immediate action providing urgent and preventive solutions. We take the time to customize a treatment for every home, and that is what makes us different.

We protect your home from every angle top to bottom, because at Valley Environmental we understand that not all pests crawl. Tap on the buttons in the image below to learn more about what a service from Valley Environmental includes.

PEST PROTECTION BARRIER After the inspection your Pest Management Professional will decide which of our list of High Quality products is right for the Pest Protection Barrier around your home.
SPIDER/WASP REMOVAL We carefully sweep down all accessible eaves to eliminate all visible wasp nests and unsightly spider webs, treating as necessary to discourage their return.
TOP TO BOTTOM COVERAGE We provide coverage in (accessible) attics and crawl spaces using a dust formulation designed to eliminate pests and discourage their return.
GRANULATION We provide an 8-12 foot barrier around the home in your lawn and mulch beds where pests love to hide.
DETAILED INTERIOR TREATMENT During the inspection your Pest Management Professional will decide which service is necessary for your home from these options; a detailed spot treatment, crack and crevice treatment, baiting, wall injection treatment, glueboard placement and mouse-trap placement.

Free Return Guarantee

If any pest problems persist after your regular maintenance treatments we will return at no extra cost to you!

Our Approach

After a thorough inspection we customize our service to fit your needs. Every home is different, and every service should be too.

Personal Service

Your technician is YOUR technician. We will never change your bug-man without checking with you first.

We can treat for the following pests and more!

Whether you’re seeing ants, wasps, cockroaches, crickets, or other common household pests, Valley Environmental can take care of you.

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